Activity.  I have hired KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY to photograph me and everyone who I may bring along with me (collectively, the "Client Group") during a photography shoot (the "Photo Shoot"). I understand that the Photo Shoot may take place on public and/or private property that is not owned or rented by KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY.  I agree that it is my responsibility to conduct myself reasonably, in a safe and lawful manner, and to ensure that any and all members of the Client Group conduct themselves in a similar manner.  I understand that if a deposit is taken for a session, it is strictly nonrefundable. I understand that I must sign this Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement in order to participate in the Photo Shoot. 

Ownership, License and Use of Images.  I understand that KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY will be the exclusive owner of any and all images (digital and print) that are taken as part of the photo shoot and will retain the copyright ownership of all such images.  I understand that I may not alter the delivered images in any way including, but not exclusive to, editing & social media filters. Notwithstanding such ownership, KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY may grant me a license to use any and all images taken during the photo shoot. I also understand that KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY may use any images taken of me and the members of the Client Group for advertising, promotional and editorial use, including publication online through social media.  I understand that there is a risk that third parties may improperly use any images that may have been published.  

Waiver and Hold Harmless.  On behalf of myself and the members of the Client group, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY, its owners, employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims, suits, damages, causes of action, liabilities and responsibilities that may arise from the following:

  • my participation in the Photo Shoot, including but not limited to injuries or accidents that any member of the Client Group may sustain and damages to persons or property that may be caused by any member of the Client Group; and

  • the use of images taken during the Photo Shoot by KMELLEMA PHOTOGRAPHY for any of the purposes outlined above or similar purposes.

I acknowledge that I have read this Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement, understand its consequences and agree to its terms.