You've probably heard that mentors are a cheat sheet before, right?

They totally are! You will get access to my years of technical & business knowledge! I used to offer full sessions for $50 when I started out. FIFTY DOLLARS! It's true that you get what you pay for. Back then I was just learning & I was even shooting in full auto. If that's you, that's ok! We all start somewhere! Now, as a lifestyle photographer who runs a booming business with the BEST clients, I can help you get there too! I will teach you all the things I know & real life implementation of what I use in my own business!

This is for aspiring photographers, photographers just starting out, or photographers who need to kick start their business & grow client bookings!


This mentorship is designed to help you with all the things depending on what you need to get to the next stage of your business! It will further your understanding of your camera & your business. It will build your portfolio & build confidence with clients, editing & workflow. I will share with you how I run my sessions from start to finish & everything in between. We will discuss obtainable goals & I will cheer you on the whole way!


We will review your portfolio, website (if available), & goals. We will go over an in depth plan on how to achieve measurable goals with specific timelines & follow up. We will talk about basic camera functions, specifically how to shoot in manual to have better control over images. We will also discuss many different lighting conditions & prompts.

We will also do a side by side family session! You will see how I run my sessions, learn many prompts, & shoot alongside me. This is the most valuable part of your mentorship! You will receive hands on experience with a beautifully styled family! You may even use these images in your portfolio.

We will go over culling, editing in Lightroom, preset basics, backup, workflow & session delivery. I will answer any other questions you have, & going forward, I'll be the biggest cheerleader for your business!

What are you waiting for?

*Must have DSLR camera & updated Lightroom to participate in mentorships.



Already understand the logistics of your camera functions or live too far away for an in person mentorship? No problem! I can customize a mentorship for you to only include the most important information to help you with your growing business!

I can't wait to work with you & help you grow your business & your dreams!