Haze Studio.

Your place to call home.

This cozy space is full of neutral tones and dreamy natural light. It's a place for photographers and families to slow down. To be still amongst the haze of life, and to remember all the beauty in the people they love most.

Haze Studio is different than any other photography studio!

You will not be paying hourly. You will sign a contract for a day of the week (Monday-Friday), and that will always be your day. You will also be put on a rotating Sunday schedule with the other photographers in the Studio. This means you will have an additional 10 hours on Sundays every month. You can offer your sessions during your contracted day at any time. Just think- if a baby is fussy during a newborn session, you don't have to rush to get out of the studio because no other photographers will be waiting for their hour to start! You won't have to rush to clean up, in fact, you won't have to rush at all!

Available contracts:

1 Month Contract / $375 per month

3 Month Contract / $350 per month

6 Month Contract / $325 per month

Your business will be added to our Instagram because you belong here & we're here to help support and elevate your photography business!

Once your application is received, Haze Studio will review your application and be in touch! Once the spaces are filled, don't be discouraged! We will be starting a waitlist for the future! Please note, all applicants must carry their own liability insurance. (If you don't have it now, it is very easy & affordable. We can walk you through it!)

We want Haze Studio to be your studio home where you make so many meaningful memories with your clients in this beautiful space! We know you're going to love it here.


I want to belong to the studio!

How do I apply?

Use the contact form below to let us know you want to be part of the Haze Studio fam! You will then be sent the application to fill out! It's as easy as that!

We currently have 3 contracted photographers & have space for 2 more! Apply now! We officially open June 1st!