You have a gorgeous camera & you're ready to take on the photography world! Do you need someone to help you kick start your business? Or maybe you've already started, but need guidance on creating moments over poses? Maybe you have a million questions & just don't know where to start.

I got you girl! Ready to be a photographer who sticks out from the sea of photographers? My mentorships are designed so that they elevate every part of your business, from booking your ideal client, to gaining confidence during your sessions, to achieving your business goals!

There is room for every photographer here. There are 3 different mentorships I offer! Find the one that will best fit your needs this year! I can't wait to meet you!

The Brew. 1 hour. $200

Let's grab a coffee & chat! Let's talk about your business! Questions you have, how to grow your business, wherever you are in your photography journey... I'm here to help you succeed! I've done several of these mentorships & they are so much fun! Maybe you don't know where to start & feel overwhelmed or maybe you've started but don't know how to meet your goals, I'm here to help you get to that next step! This can also be an online option if you're not local! 

The Latte. 2 hours. $400

This is a side by side session with 1 hour of coffee chats after our session! I will style a family session & we'll shoot side by side for 45 minutes! You can see how I run my sessions, ask questions along the way, learn how to create moments over stiff poses & use the images to build your portfolio. After our session we'll head to coffee & you can ask me whatever questions you have about the session, about posing, styling, etc.! This is for understanding how to run storytelling sessions & gain the confidence to do so! 

The Caramel Iced Coffee. 4 hours. $550

This is it! Imagine 'The Brew' & 'The Latte' mixed into one mega mentorship of your coffee fueled dreams! Included is a one hour coffee chat before our session to discuss your business, how to grow, gain your ideal client & all the business side of things! Then we'll do a side by side styled session at golden hour & go back to a coffee shop after to discuss how it went. You can ask questions about posing, styling, etc. Although I don't sell my presets, I can answer some basic editing questions & some of my favorite tricks/tips as they pertain to lightroom or photoshop! After our mentorship, you can always contact me with questions & I will be your biggest cheerleader watching your business grow!

Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. You deserve it! Fill out the contact form below with the mentorship you would like to book & the desired month! If there are no more mentorships available, you can be added to the wait list for next year!

* Payment plans available & must be paid in full by the mentorship date.

Let's do this thing!